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We offer solutions for restaurants and homeowners that drive sustainable living without waste, saving money and time, and with unique quality thanks to the Prime Freezing System.

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Economic solutions

Excellent and delicious products at competitive prices for the Costa Rican market.

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Food Service

We deliver to restaurants and hotels in the GAM our products that guarantee the elimination of waste.

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We have products in different supermarkets in the country, such as Automercado and Pricesmart.

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Food Service.

We serve hotels and restaurants throughout the country offering solutions that save time and money. 

From 100% natural and economical fruit smoothies to prepared products.

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Find us in supermarkets.

You can find us in several supermarkets in the country such as Automercado and Pricesmart to enjoy our products in the comfort of your home. 

We are always looking for new points of sale.

Interested in being our partner?

We’re looking commercial partners and distributors of our products so please contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible to check possibilities.

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The main advantage is the type of freezing with which we process the products. The PFS allows the products to keep their taste, texture, smell as if they were fresh or just prepared.

In addition to this, we offer:

  • Stable prices throughout the year
  • Emergency attention in case of low inventory.
  • Fast deliveries in the GAM
  • Unique products ideal for restaurants and hotels

For restaurants and hotels, we deliver throughout the GAM. Soon we will expand the route to be able to deliver in beach areas such as Jacó and Guanacaste.

Additionally, we have certain products present in supermarkets such as all Automercados and Pricesmart.

We are currently distributing directly to businesses.

We are always looking for business partners who are interested in distributing our products and developing the project together.

We have a price list for all our products that can be consulted on our WhatsApp here.

It should be noted that for volume requirements or weekly purchases, we apply discounts on that list.

We normally deliver once a week. Orders are requested at least 48 hours prior to delivery.

For active customers, we offer the possibility to attend emergencies and make deliveries in 24 hours or less in case we have inventory available.

You can place your order by contacting one of our salespeople directly or, in case you do not have a salesperson who is assisting you, you can write directly to our WhatsApp here.