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Exporting a solution.

We believe that food should be accessible to everyone in the world and that eliminating food waste is critical.

PFS® allows us to export fruit in its optimum freshness and flavor with simple logistics and extended shelf life.

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Private label available

The best quality frozen foods you can find packaged in your own brand.

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Purchase programs

We can schedule annual purchases to guarantee volume and a stable price throughout the year.

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Quality norms

We like to have an exhaustive quality control to guarantee the innocuousness based on FSSC 22000.

Fruits from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers a very high quality fruit with an exquisite taste.

We seek a sustainable product with the environment and the best quality for our customers, so all our suppliers are evaluated to ensure good agricultural practices and proper use of chemicals.

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Integral quality.

All our products and exports are subjected to microbiological, physical and sensory analysis to guarantee biosafety to our customers.

Mixed containers.

We offer mixed containers with several products so that our customers can have a greater variety of products in the same order.

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We work together with our customers to find the packaging that best suits their needs, as well as to develop special products and cuts.

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From Costa Rica to the World

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