Frozen PFS products.

Bringing the PURA VIDA of Costa Rica to the whole world with a unique frozen quality.

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The best of a frozen product

The best thing about a frozen product is its long shelf life, easy handling and storage.


The best of a fresh product

The best of a fresh is its nutritional properties, flavors, smells, colors and texture.

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Without disadvantages

We eliminate the loss of texture and odors of a traditional freezing process, and the waste of a fresh one.

From Costa Rica to the World

Fruits and vegetables.
Our main product line is tropical fruits and vegetables, and a wide variety of food options that are of Costa Rican origin.
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Prepared products.
Products made from fruits and vegetables offering unique solutions with an exquisite taste.
Smoothie packs.
Individually bagged frozen fruit mixes for a simple, fast and waste-free solution around the world.
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