Prime Freezing System


Frozen and fresh
in one

We combine several factors to ensure that the fiber is cared for throughout the process, to avoid breakage and to keep the product fresh when thawed.

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Best of a frozen product

The best thing about a frozen product is its long shelf life, easy handling and storage.


Best of a fresh product

The best of a fresh is its nutritional properties, flavors, smells, colors and texture.

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Without disadvantages

We eliminate the loss of texture and odors of a traditional freezing process, and the waste of a fresh one.


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Mango PFS

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Mango IQF

Just freshness in its
PRIME and for longer

IQF is a process that consists of injecting cold air into the system until the product is frozen. This cold air impacts microscopically on the fiber until it breaks, losing the flavor, odor and texture of when it was fresh.

The PFS® avoids this fiber breakage so that when thawed, it maintains its properties without damage.

Unlike IQF, each product is studied based on the type of fiber it has, so when it enters freezing, each one has a different power and time parameter.

Additionally, we extract the heat from the product until it reaches the freezing point instead of injecting cold air into the system, thus avoiding fiber mistreatment.

Yes, that is correct. It is not necessary to keep the products at home in a special chamber, it is only important to avoid thawing and refreezing.

If they are natural products, no chemicals are added to achieve PFS® results.

A home freezer takes a long time to freeze, so the product has some degradation in the process, besides that the fiber is very damaged by the time and type of freezing.

Upon refreezing, the properties of PFS® are lost by what would be a regular freezing so the fiber breaks down and loses its freshness characteristics.