Food Service


Food Service packaging.

Innovative solutions and food service focused packaging for easy handling and storage.

Delicious fruit that is stored as frozen fruit, with the texture and flavors as they were recently and freshly cut when defrosting. An step further of any IQF fruit in the market.

banano congelado food service saluzzo prime freezing system

No more food waste in your business

No food waste.

Nothing better to offer fresh fruit and eliminating any waste. Just defrost and serve as fresh fruit, simple and no more wastes.​

fruta congelada iqf pfs saluzzo fresa food service restauración y hostelería
piña congelada iqf pfs costa rica saluzzo 3 best varieties of pineapple

More savings.

Our solutions allows you to save time and work in the kitchen. You’ll be able to have the best fruits in a simple and comfortable way, ingredients that will allow you to offer great sides and new dishes with no waste.​