Better than fresh

Proud developers of the Prime Freezing System®
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The future of frozen

Frozen products that are just as fresh when defrosted

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Order programs

Schedule your purchase programs to guarantee volumes and prices

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Private label available

Offer the best frozen product quality you'll find with your own brand

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Types of packaging

Industry, food service and retail packaging available for our products


A unique quality

We want to promote fruit and natural food consumption anywhere and everywhere in the world, eliminating food waste through our innovative freezing system.

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Prime Freezing System.

Our PFS technology allows us to combine the long shelf life and ease of frozen products, and maintain the freshness and amazing properties of fresh products when defrosted.

Our products.

Solutions based on our frozen fruits from Costa Rica with an unmatchable quality. Freshness of food in their optimum state for a longer time.

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Fresh fruit
transported as frozen

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Frozen products from Costa Rica.

We are a family company that seeks to innovate constantly the frozen products' world with products of a unique quality, thanks to the amazing fruit Costa Rica has to offer.

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