5 Reasons to Eat Frozen Banana

From delicious smoothies and desserts to fruit salads… Their versatility makes them ideal for eating alone, as an addition in slice. This SUPER FRUIT is undoubtedly one of the most economical, rich, and useful of all, and is the reason why we give you 5 reasons to eat frozen banana.

Believe it or not, there are more than 1000 varieties of banana and among them more popular is the Cavendish Banana, also known as banana or common banana, having approximately 95% of the market, but this tends to be damaged quickly, being a great solution for this to have frozen bananas.

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1. Nutritious and more delicious!

The banana is a fruit completely rich in fiber, minerals, calcium, zinc, iron and potassium. It has folic acid, in addition to vitamins A, B, B1, B6, B2, B9 and C. Additionally, it has amino acids and carbohydrates.

Freezing bananas and then thawing them does not affect their nutritional properties or taste, in fact, it is thought that they could even be sweeter.

This, thanks to the enzyme known as amylase, responsible for making them sweeter as they mature, as it breaks down starch.

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2. Better preserved

Frozen bananas can last between 2 and 3 months, and the best preserving their nutritional properties, all this with a homemade freeze, however, with the novel method of Saluzzo, the Prime Freezing System, while preserving its ideal texture, this time is increased to 2 years, remaining as freshly cut when thawed!!!

3. Provide energy and are practical

This has a high calorie content and is an important source of glucose, capable of providing the body with a lot of energy, especially during any sports activity and of course work.

It also has tryptophan, an amino acid that helps counteract the effects of negative or low mood and depression.

In addition, being already cut and prepared beforehand, no time is wasted in eating the product, either cut for a snack or liquefying it for a delicious Smoothie.

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4. Good for your health

1. This is one of the best foods for constipation because it contains non-assimilable carbohydrates and starch, which help clear intestinal transit. It should be noted that, in addition, eating ripe bananas when you have diarrhea helps to calm the pain that occurs in the digestive mucosa.

2.This impressive food even helps fight anemia, this since the banana is a fruit that has folic acid, a component that will help raise hemoglobin levels and with its intake also favors the nervous and immune system

3.If you suffer from excessive acidity, regular consumption of bananas will be a good solution, since it is a food of great alkalinity. Bananas can help relieve a churning stomach by stimulating the production of mucous in the stomach lining. The mucosa creates a barrier between the stomach lining and gastric acidic substances that cause heartburn and stomach disturbances.

4.Bananas have a high amount of potassium and, thanks to this chemical element, it will help those who suffer from high blood pressure to regulate it because high blood pressure levels can be controlled.

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5. Great for delicious recipes

Just put the frozen bananas in the blender or food processor for a few seconds and ready we have a delicious Ice Cream! All that remains is to add the Topping of your preference. The machine may have a bit of a hard time processing bananas, so you can add a few teaspoons of skim milk, although plant-based milks like almond milk or coconut milk will also work perfectly if you want to make a homemade Gluten-Free banana ice cream.