4 Benefits of our Chocolate Covered Frozen Fruits

Are you in love with frozen fruits? Well, why not taking it to the next level? Here you’ll read about the best chocolate covered frozen fruits you’ll ever taste thanks to our Prime Freezing System that will take flavors, texture, and odors to something delicious you haven’t taste before.

choco frutas banano congelado pfs saluzzo

Benefits of frozen fruits

Because of how the world is changing and adapting to a fast-paced life, people every time are trying to look for new possibilities of health and fast snacks that allows them to have a great diet but with low effort.

This is one of the reasons why frozen fruits and products have been in a constant growth around the world, because of the ease of storage, shelf life and ready to eat concept.

Of course, it is common to hear the big disadvantages frozen product have such as loss in texture, flavors and odors when defrosted or even when prepared while frozen.

Chocolate Covered Frozen Fruits saluzzo prime freezing system

This is because of the fiber breakage that takes place during the freezing process. Fiber inside the fruits break and result in all these disadvantages that, at the end, make people prefer fresh fruits and vegetables.

That’s why the Prime Freezing System, was developed. To eliminate the disadvantages frozen fruits and creating a frozen product that can be defrosted and eaten as fresh.

By avoiding fiber breakage during the process, you’ll experience frozen fruits that haven’t lost their texture, flavors, and odors. This allows us to be able to eat frozen fruits while they’re frozen without “breaking your teeth” when trying to bite them.

A soft texture is given to the frozen fruit thanks to the microcrystals created in the process, so you can either enjoy them as frozen or even defrosted and enjoy the fruits in salads or other preparations you’re used to make with fresh fruits.

choco bites banano congelado chocolate costa rica saluzzo

Chocolate covered frozen fruits

Thanks to the benefits of the Prime Freezing System and the ease of eating frozen fruits with the tastes of fresh fruits, we decided to take it to the next level by coating some of our fruits with dark chocolate.

This creates the perfect combination between sweet and a healthy snack or dessert.

All our frozen fruits are processed in their optimum ripening point, which is when the brix level or sugar level in the fruits are high, which also makes the fruits delicious.

If a fruit has a high brix, the sugar in it is higher and as a result more sweet.

By complementing the natural sweetness of the fruits with dark chocolate, you’ll get a perfect combination of bitter (characteristic dark chocolate flavor.) and sweet.

Without needing to add sugar to the fruit, you’ll enjoy a health snack and dessert that suits the palate of many people, from young children to adults.

chocobites strawberries frozen covered with chocolate saluzzo

A healthy solution

By only having a small percentage of sugar in the dark chocolate, this is a great healthy snack ideal for many types of lifestyles.

We’re combining 100% natural fruits with origin of Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse and eco*friendly countries, with delicious dark chocolate coating without additives that can harm your health.

Depending on the fruit, you’ll have great benefits.

  • Frozen banana covered with chocolate: As you well know, banana is a great source of potassium and other vitamins that are necessary to our diet, specifically to active people that do many sports, and their muscles need to recover.
  • Frozen strawberries covered with chocolate: Strawberries are one of the most common and delicious fruits that people have in their diets. Why not, it has a sweetness that combines perfectly to the low calories it has, so it converts to the perfect snack for a low-calorie diet.
  • Frozen pineapple covered with chocolate: Pineapple is the most common fruits that is found in Costa Rica. In fact, Costa Rica is one of the main global exporters of pineapple thanks to the quality in flavors and colors it has because of the climate you can find in the country. By combining the slight acidity of the pineapple and chocolate sweetness, it’s going to be a snack that you won’t be able to stop eating due to its complementary flavors.
frutas congeladas cubiertas de chocolate Chocolate Covered Frozen Fruits saluzzo

Easy to eat snacks

The best thing about our ChocoBites, is that are easy to eat and store. By being frozen, the shelf life of the fruits are 2 years! This will eliminate the risk of buying food that might get bad after a short time, that is the usual with fresh fruits.

It is not necessary to defrost the fruit before eating, just open the package and enjoy!

Like we talked before, the Prime Freezing System gives the fruit a soft texture when eating frozen and you’ll not get the “hard ice” that is common with frozen fruits elsewhere.

pfs frozen pineapple chunks iqf pineapple from costa rica

Frozen fruits covered with chocolate from Costa Rica

As you well know and as we talked earlier, Costa Rica is known as one of the most eco-friendly countries regarding to fossil fuels, electricity generation, biodiversity and environment preservation.

For this, pesticides and chemicals in the farms and agriculture are very controlled to have healthy fruits.

If you like fruits, there’s no doubt you’ll love the chocolate covered frozen fruits.

One of the benefits of our ChocoBites, is that the dark chocolate coating is a thin layer that won’t lose the flavor neither of the fruit nor the chocolate.

This is key because the idea of this type of snack is to complement flavors of the sweet fruits and dark chocolate, so if we have a large layer of coating, it’s almost as eating chocolate by itself.

We’ve worked in a product that gets the better properties of delicious fruits and combining them with the ideal amount of chocolate to enjoy a complementary flavor that will become your favorite snack!