Frozen Organic Pineapple in Costa Rica

Fruit is undoubtedly a very important part of the diet of many people in the world, which helps to maintain a balanced diet in vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for a healthy life. However, some problems arise with fruits and other foods, for example, the way they are harvested and treated during their harvest period. For this reason we are going to learn a little about organic fruits and, especially, about frozen organic pineapples in Costa Rica

Piña Orgánica Congelada en Costa Rica​ razones para comer piña

What are organic Fruits?

We hear more and more about organic products and we see them in supermarkets without really understanding why the prices are higher compared to normal products. Unlike ‘natural’ claims and other eco-labels, only organic ones offer government-backed guarantees.

This means that there is control over how products are grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals, antibiotics, and synthetic growth hormones. Additionally, organic products  require rigorous third-party inspections at the planting and farming procedures to ensure that products bearing the organic label are grown and processed in a transparent manner that we as consumers can trust.

As it has a higher production cost, many farmers limit themselves somewhat to the production of this practice since they cannot risk not selling product and losing it due to lack of demand or the know-how to place it in the market.

As there is not a great supply due to this limitation, the price of the product will also be affected, having a higher cost than a regular fruit can have.

Organic products are beneficial to our health. There is convincing evidence showing that eating organic food is a way to reduce your intake of pesticides and toxic chemicals. Organic farmers use healthy and fertile land and help combat climate change with responsible sustainability practices.

Organic farming builds healthy soil using compost, crop rotation, and other natural tools rather than relying on synthetic petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides that deplete the soil of valuable nutrients.

Organic farmers also see animal health and welfare as a priority. By law, organic farmers must provide their animals with access to the outdoors and pasture, quality organic food, and safe and clean living conditions.

Piña Orgánica Congelada en Costa Rica​ razones para comer piña

Benefits of organic pineapple

1. It helps protect the environment

To produce transgenic foods, chemicals are used, which are one of  the main causes of environmental pollution.

2. They have more nutrients

Many studies have shown that organic foods have a higher amount of nutrients. This is shown in the number of antioxidants found in a preservative-free product, which, among many other properties, strengthens the immune system.

3. They prevent some types of cancers

Since organic foods are free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones and fertilizers, they prevent the generation of some types of cancers. Furthermore, organic fruits and vegetables with their antioxidants stimulate the production of free radicals that counteract the effects of malignant cells.

4. It tastes better

Vegetables and fruits free of chemical elements that interfere with their natural characteristics have a stronger and more intense flavor. This is largely since the pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers they use to make them do not affect their composition.

beneficios de piña alimentos congelados costa rica

Skin Care with organic pineapple

One of the recent uses that organic pineapple has adopted is in the skin care sector.

87% of this fruit is made up of water, but what really catches our attention about organic pineapple for natural skincare is inside. In fact, in addition to being an excellent moisturizer, its composition is rich in vitamins and nutrients which makes it a true miracle for the health and appearance of the skin.

According to experts, organic pineapple hides more than one ace up its sleeve, such as the important presence of alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids, effective natural exfoliants, capable of making the skin look smooth and wonderfully luminous. But that is not all.

Organic pineapple is great for skin care too because it contains antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin A, which are great for reducing inflammation and softening the effects of the sun, harmful UV rays, and pollution.

It must be said that the important exfoliating power of organic pineapple could be excessive for extremely sensitive skin, although these would be in very isolated cases and not the norm. The importance of choosing an organic fruit is well known: it ensures the absence of potentially harmful chemicals and takes good care of the environment.

Beneficios smoothie bowl de piña costa rica congelada

Frozen organic pineapple

As we already know, these products have a lower amount of chemicals, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc. By consuming organic products, you can also reduce your risk of major diseases like cancer. It is true that consuming organic food is more expensive, but in the long run that investment is better and safer for us.


Without a doubt, if what you are looking for in a frozen pineapple is flavor, frozen organic pineapple is ideal for this. Its extreme care in the field and the few chemicals used, allow the fruit to have a unique flavor.


The advantage of consuming frozen organic pineapple is precisely that the waste that a food has, in this case pineapple, is eliminated 100%. You guarantee that everything you bought in the supermarket is consumable without any waste and also that it is at the optimum point of ripeness, which is difficult to control in fresh fruit.

fresh pineapple piña diferencia iqf vs PFS frozen costa rica frozen organic pineapple in Costa Rica


Remember that the great disadvantage of consuming or buying fresh fruit is the waste that can be generated. Sometimes it is not possible for everyone to control the rapid ripening of a pineapple and buying fresh fruit every time, which can result in wasting fruit, money and resources.

The organic pineapple frozen under the Prime Freezing System allows the pineapple to maintain its characteristics of fresh fruit when defrosting, so its flavors, smells, colors and texture are just as if it were freshly cut, with the comfort and ease of frozen fruits. No headaches to store, no ripening problems and optimizing your resources to the maximum.

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