The 4 Best Mango Varieties

Mango is one of the most delicious and sought after fruits worldwide because of its peculiar and exquisite flavor, it is considered the king of tropical fruits. This is why we are going to talk about the 4 most delicious varieties of mango that you will find in the world.

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The mango tree can reach up to thirty meters in height, the gray bark trunk is straight, cylindrical and 75-100 cm in diameter.

Its fruits are oval, elongated and kidney or heart-shaped. The skin of the ripe fruit adopts a range of colors ranging from green, yellow or orange to a shade close to deep red.

The pulp, on the other hand, is orange-yellow, sweet, juicy and very tasty. The mango has a flavor and texture very different from the rest of the so-called table fruits, being considered the tropical fruit par excellence.

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How can mangoes be preserved and how do you eat them?

Once the mango is picked from the tree, it usually keeps quite well at room temperature, as long as it is handled carefully and shocks are avoided.

It is important to note that tropical fruit does not do well in the refrigerator, so avoid storing mangoes in the fridge, however, freezing mangoes in the traditional way is an excellent option to maintain their flavor and consistency.

When consuming mangoes, it is important that they are slightly soft and have a good aroma, since the best mango flavor is achieved when ripe.

Nutritional properties of mango

Nutritional information of mango per 100 grams of fruit.
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Mango Varieties

1. Keitt Variedad

The flavor of the Keitt mango is sweet, without excesses, with citrus nuances and a slight acid touch. It has a firm flesh, totally free of fibers and a slightly lower sugar content than other varieties.

The Keitt variety tends to produce fairly large fruit. However, the most common commercial sizes are 500 to 750 grams.

Characteristics of the keitt handle
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2. Kent Variety

The skin of the Kent mango has a yellow background color and a red coating. Taking into account the load of the trees, the average weight of these fruits is 450 to 560 grams. There are very few fibers in the pulp, so it is very suitable for spooning.

The fruit of this variety is of good quality and long life because its tree is erect and of medium vigor. For this reason, we will now explain its characteristics of the fruit, the tree, and its cultivation in general.

Characteristics of the kent variety
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3. Tommy Atkins Variety

The Tommy Atkins mango has an average weight of approximately 450 to 600 grams. The flesh is fine orange in texture, sweet and juicy.

The color of the skin is different depending on the variety, with shades ranging from ripe fruit to dark green, yellow to orange to deep red. It has a sweet smell and presents a single stone, flattened and long in the middle of the pulp.

Characteristics of the Mango Tommy Atkins
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4. Haden Variety

Bright red in color with green and yellow hues, the haden mango became one of the most widely cultivated mangoes in the world after its introduction to Florida in the first half of the 20th century.

It is distinguished from other mango species by reaching up to 14 cm in size and weighing more than 500 g.

Characteristics of the mango haden
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